Porn producer Tony T denies Nikki Benz claims she was choked and stomped on in 'horrific' shoot

A porn producer has addressed allegations of abuse made against him by adult video veteran Nikki Benz for the first time. 

The Ukrainian Canadian actress claimed last month that during a "horrific" shoot she was stomped on and Tony T was choked her and failed to stop the filming after she shouted "cut"

She later tweeted: "I guess rape scenes are in now huh?"

But addressing the allegations for the first time, Tony T said: "None of the stuff she ever claimed happened. There's no 'stomping' and that the one time she said stop, we stopped right away."

:"When you accuse someone of raping … you better come correct," he told the Vocativ website. 

The director said he would sue Ms Benz and Brazzers, the company she is employed by, and that he would stage a screening of the footage to prove his detractors wrong.

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In responde Ms Benz told the wesbite: "We all know footage can be edited, deleted, and tampered with."

Brazzers ended its relationship with Tony T after the allegations surfaced.

They said the company "considers performers’ consent, boundaries and limits and safety to be fundamental and paramount issues and unequivocally stands for the respect of the performers."

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