Australian Mom Shares Controversial Post About Being Naked With Her Kids

There’s something truly magical about skin-to-skin contact with a newborn and his or her mother or father.

Not only is it proven to help increase the baby’s health and development, it also creates a very special bond between parent and child. However, being naked with your newborn is one thing and having “naked family time” is another…

One person who thinks being naked with your children shouldn’t be so taboo is Constance Hall, a free-thinking and unapologetic mama of three who blogs about all things from relationships to body image and everything in between. As you can see in this post, Hall is also very outspoken about what it’s really like to be a single mother and she is refreshingly vocal about her son’s journey through life with Autism.

One thing is for sure: this Aussie mom isn’t afraid to speak her mind and she’s a great inspiration for all parents in today’s world. However, one of her recent posts caused a lot of criticism.

“I advocate nakedness around your children, homes and husbands,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post which quickly went viral. “I don’t want my boys’ expectations of women to resemble those that they see in magazines or TV nor do I want my girls’ expectations of themselves too.”

The post quickly received over 73k reactions and a ton of comments from parents all over the globe. What do you think of this mom’s refreshing view on nudity?

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[Featured Image: Facebook / Constance Hall]

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